Barcode Printing Scale

NZD$400 NZD$550

Catelog: POS. Relation: EFTPOS, POS System, WebPOS, BestPOS.

Barcode Price Computing Printing Scale (TM-Aa-5d),
was suitable in Retail, Wholesale, Catering etc...

1.   Large capacity memory: can store up to 4000 PLU commodity information 

2.   PLU commodity information rich: You can set up three rows trade names, three-line specific information, commodity     

      code, price, expiry date, four discount periods and the discount rate and other information 

3.   Label formats and diverse: Up to 16 kinds of label formats can be set for different PLU call 

4.   Special Information: Up to 10 characters can be set to 12 characters of information and information for different PLU   


5.   TEXT content information: Up to 16 characters can be set to 16 characters of text information, and text information, 

      also can calling for different label formats 

6.   71 Goods shortcuts to call, easy to operate 

7.   Powerful PC management software, all information can achieve high-speed upload and download; can be preset to 

      import various text formats, support for various pre-PLU information text format to import 

8.   PC software with an appropriate human-machine interface, operating more humane settings 
9.   BestPOS software can butt 
10. Printable time report, daily sales reports, a single product daily report 
11. Can be set to a single product Price Lock, mounted anti-cheat function,  traced back system management
12. Can prevent cockroach settings 

- Power: AC 220V or 110V (-15% / +10%)
- Frequency: 50-60Hz
- Temperature:
  Working Temperature: 0 - 40*C (240F-1040F)
  Save Temperature: -10 - 40*C 
- Max metage: 3kg(1g), 6kg(2g), 15kg(5g), 30kg(10g)
- Veracity: 1/3000F.S
- Display: Double-face red light LED: tare 4 bits, net weight 5 bits,  
  unit price 5 bits, total price 7 bits

Printer Parameters:
- Print Mode: Thermal print
- Print Speed: 75mm/s
- Print Breadth: 56mm
- Scroll Breadth: 60mm (Max.)
- Scroll Outer Diameter: 100mm (Max.)
- Scroll Inner Diameter: 25mm (Min.)

Come with 1 year warranty