BestPOS dining carting order system is a simple, intuitive, and flexible payment operation system. It supports up to eight payments and various single payments or divided single payments.

Front-End Functionality: 

The dish/food category view for pictures and the details of dishes allow you to find dishes quickly; order dishes; generate and send the menu; add temporary plates. Each dish order can be printed automatically to a place where the printer is.

System Backstage Functions: 

Cash register system, dishes management, room management, table management, print management, staff management, membership management, inventory management, and so on.

1. Customisation:  use your restaurant's name, logo, color standard, and style to design the software interface. 

2. Category Dishes: set your dishes classification and secondary classification backstage, and click on the tab to rapidly see the dishes in the classification.

3. View Dishes: customers can browse the list of dishes thumbnail pages and click on the thumbnails to view pop-up pictures and more information about the dishes, such as ingredients, instructions, nutritional value, calorie content, and more.

4. Quick Search Menu: type the name of a dish, abbreviated letters, or keyword, and you can quickly find relevant dishes.

5. Check Ordered Dishes: click on "My Menu" at any time to view the dish's order information. The customer can add or reduce the number of dishes, side dishes, and other operations.

6. Process Orders: once a customer orders, dishes are ready to be produced as soon as servers enter a password. In the meantime, the charge is sent to the cashier, forming the bills for the customers. 

7. System Backstage Operations: current business management, dishes management, table management, printer management, sales management, staff management, member management and user management system and other operations.

8. Additional Customization Features: according to customer's needs, provide more customization features and functions.