BestPOS has cloud cash register system functions, namely WebPOS. It can be integrated into the e-commerce sites so that you can not only handle online orders in the shop but also share the store orders and sales data via the website anywhere.

Our online shopping site has the following features:

Website design services include site layout and product pages, content page design, web database establishment, website background management, and system design. Functions include members log, online order systems, and online shopping cart management.

The following additional functions can be selected and added to your e-commerce website:

1. NZD / CNY automatic conversion switching function;

2. Automatically calculate shipping freight;

3. Real-time e-mail notification of new orders;

4. Upload product images and details

5. Adaptive mobile single site online order;

6. BestPOS system automatically prints order express sheets; 

7. Alipay business interfaces;

8. Wechat payment with two-dimensional coding technology;

9. PAYPAL credit card receivable;

10. Poli real-time online EFTPOS payment;

11. DPS payment

Function and design can refer to this site, as it has all the above functions.

Should you need more information, refer to the website to choose your favorite section. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our customer service staff will send you the latest fine website for reference.